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GeekBuddy provides you with your own personal computer geek, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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18 November 2010

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Working with computer systems on a daily basis makes it necessary for us to learn the nuances of its working and all the tools and programs that it makes use of in operating upon different requirements. Not each one of us a computer expert and all of us require suitable assistance at times in order to either resolve any technical snag or simply in order to work on any new software that has been installed. Professional organizations always have an equipped IT team employed with them to look into any complicated matter which can potentially hamper the productivity of the process. An automated assistance can certainly help in making these tasks easier for a user without wasting any time and Comodo Geekbuddy 3.1 works out to be just that with its simplified working.

Comodo Geekbuddy opens with a compact and vibrantly designed interface with the chief options placed simply over the screen. The vibrant graphics of the application make it pleasant to work with. The program is designed to provide the requisite technical support to the computer users and enables in resolving any computer problem that the user might be having. Its usage is also quite simple with the user only needing to download the program and clicking on its tiny tab whenever any assistance is required. A professional computer geek character would respond in a chat window and would ask the user to describe the issue post which the program’s computer assistant would do the rest. The program is equipped to check on virus infection and can even set up an email account and configure the printer.

To conclude, Comodo Geekbuddy 3.1 definitely works as a useful and practical tool for computer users in working out suitable solutions for any problem faced by users and thus gets a rating of four points for its impressive performance.

Publisher's description

GeekBuddy offers you total tech support for literally pennies a day. Our highly trained technology experts are on hand 24/7 to solve literally any computer problem you may have. Here's how it works: download the app, then click a little button any time you need some help. Within seconds, a professional computer geek will respond in a chat window and ask you to describe the problem. After you do, our computer geek takes over! GeekBuddy enables our experts to actually tap into your computer and make the changes necessary to solve your problem, and get your PC working perfectly. Virus Diagnosis / Removal: Scans your PC to check for viruses and spyware. Email Set Up: Sets up your internet-based email account—any provider, any account. Great for new computers and novice email users. Printer Set Up: Install or update software and printer drivers, check ink levels, and configure your printer to work on a wireless or wired network. Green PC: We'll optimize your power management setting based on how you use your computer. Go green and save money on your electric bill. PC Tune Up: Full scans to evaluate issues affecting your computer's performance. Our experts will fine-tune key areas and improves speed and stability. Internet Login Protection: Activates your computer's basic security settings to prevent loss of sensitive data and identity theft. Computer Troubleshooting: Checks basic hardware conflicts in Windows. GeekBuddy is now available in a free 30-day trial! Download it today!
Comodo Geekbuddy
Comodo Geekbuddy
Version 3.1
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